The vision for Future For Jaffna is to create sustainable enterprise in the Northern region of Sri Lanka for Widows whom have been affected by the recent civil war.

We have now been on three trips to the region, learning about the situation post civil war, speaking to charities and NGOs about on going development work in the region, and hearing local people’s life stories and their plans for the future. Our charity is moving forward into a new and exciting phase.

We are heading out to Sri Lanka this summer, August/September 2013 to do a research trip on the viability of creating an entrepreneurial community hub somewhere in the northern region of Sri Lanka. We will undertake a thorough white paper report on the feasibility of such a centre, what impact it will have on job creation and entrepreneurship in the North and what the local people will think of the idea and want the centre to offer.

We are spending the next few months speaking to as many organisations as possible that have experience in international development and community hub projects so we can get the best advice possible and once we have completed our report and if there is a need for a community centre providing training, education, healthcare and support we will then launch our second phase which will be a large scale global fundraising and awareness programme to get as many potential donors and sponsors on board with our vision and help us create this centre, to provide for the people and inspire them to prosper after such so many years of hardship and suffering.

We have a fantastic team of 18 students at the University of Nottingham working on our research project, looking into similar centres around the world, lessons we can learn from them and how we can go about fundraising for such an ambitious project.

The people of Jaffna and Northern Sri Lanka need somewhere they can use on an everyday basis, a place where they can go to get guidance, training, advice and build new skills. A place where their kids can be occupied and cared for whilst they work. The centre will hopefully be a place of work but also have a social feel whereby families can interact and relax and share stories about their similar struggles.

We are a very young charity but we have a youthful, ambitious team who are dedicated to seeing change in Northern Sri Lanka and our goal is to help as many widows and their families as possible to become successful and have a regular income. We, however cannot do this alone, and need as much support as possible from donors, sponsors, NGOs but also from members of the public all over the world, who can advise us or even come volunteer and help our vision become a reality in the coming years.

If you would like to get involved with our charity or simply find out more about our plans, please email us at:

Thank you.

Umesh Kumar & Nicholas Rooney

Co-Founders and Trustees