Thank you so much for your donation! Your generosity will allow us to help as many widows as we can to set up their own businesses, take control of their future and obtain a sustainable income so they can provide for their families.

So what do we do with your generous donations?

The goal of the charity is to help Widows and their families to set up their own business or help them find a job, give them the skills to prosper and create a support network to help these vulnerable people who have been affected by the recent civil war in Sri Lanka. Your money helps us to achieve this!

Our mission statement is to Inspire. Develop. Flourish.

We hope to Inspire the women we work with to take ownership of their future and earn a sustainable income so they can look after their families and provide for them. By listening to their stories, talking to them and giving them the emotional support they need, we can help these women move forward and look to the future.

Through workshops and training sessions, we hope to help the women develop new skills, whether they be practical skills like Tailoring, or soft skills, like the art of sales, negotiations and team work. This will help the women become more employable or give them a solid business grounding to make their business succeed and ultimately profitable.

The end goal is to help these women move from emotional frailty to becoming successful passionate business owners and to help them create a better future for themselves and their families. We hope to see as many businesses as possible flourish across the Northern region of Sri Lanka and most importantly of all, to see these businesses become both profitable yet sustainable!

We need your kind donations, to pay for teachers, counselors, and to help the women with the initial start up costs of launching a business.

With your help, we can shape a better future for as many families as possible across Northern Sri Lanka.

Thank you for your donation and support.

The Future For Jaffna Team